A story worth telling

With a view to the past, we design the umbrellas of the future
It was 1960 when Vittorio Gaggio, starting out in a small artisan workshop in the Venetian hinterland, devised the very first models of Italian sun umbrellas, starting with the wood from which the slats and poles were created, with the addition of rough canvas that was hand-sewn by his wife Egle. This innate ability to create has since been handed down from generation to generation, as the company evolved like its products.

Since 1960 professional umbrellas

In this evolution, the company’s mission has always remained the same: to produce umbrellas and covers designed for professional use. Quality, durability, ease of use, aesthetic refinement and attention to details are our distinctive characteristics. These elements gave rise to highly performing technical umbrellas, which become real furnishing and design elements.

Entrepreneurial dynamism

Our company has thus reached its third generation. We interpret and sometimes anticipate the natural evolution of the market; combining modern design and production technologies with the all-Italian ability to create customized products and solutions

The Project

The user-friendly character of a product always ensures its reliability. We produce parasols with perfectly self-balanced weights, overall sizes and mechanisms. When we design an opening system, we choose to use the lowest number of winches, steel cables and any other accessory subject to wear or potential failure.

The materials

The choice of materials to introduce in the production cycle represents one of the crown achievements of our company. The manufacture fabrics, the operating mechanisms, the quality of nuts and bolts mark the success of a professional product. For this reason, we have been collaborating for years with partners who produce high quality materials for the nautical sector and ensure utmost durability and resistance against atmospheric agents

Value to People

Humanity in relationships with co-workers and with all those who embrace our world has always been a fundamental value that distinguishes the corporate spirit. For this reason we pay special attention to the distribution of products and the relationship with our customers, making them feel… a little like at home.

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