Gaggio in IGTM exhibition. Four days through turism and Golf

After the successful preview presentation about the backlit beach umbrella Pyramid at Salone Nautico di Genova, we took part in the last IGMT Salone Mondiale at the fabulous Villa Erba in Cernobbio. Together with the model Pyramid, we presented also the new Swing, a beach umbrella with a lateral cantilever, swiveling till it fully opens. This peculiarity allows the beach umbrella to be located on the training field with a great comfort for golf players.

Our stand is located exactly at the exhibition hall entrance and several exhibitors and visitors stopped by, in order to admire Pyramid for its design, its functionality, for its stability and for its magic textile which disappears as soon as it is protected by illuminated rigid panels.

During the participation to this important exhibition and after receiving several contacts, we have got more sellf-confidence and enthusiasm to keep going to devolpe our innovative models made in Italy, with great purposes to enter the overseas market.

We thank all those who have shown interest in our products, it was a great pleasure to receive your attention and compliments.