Venezia by Gaggio: new side and retractable attachement sunshade.

Venezia, Venice, is the name chosen by Gaggio for its side and retractable attachement sunshade.
Thanks to its desing and system, up to 5*5 mt, it is possible to overshadow wide spaces without the obstacle of a central pole.

The most particular aspect of Venezia is its original opening system: the simple movement is activeted by a endless screw crank handle that allows an easy opening and at the same time a cantilever position, preventing problems with steel cables, such as breakages or similar.

Venezia combines high level of efficiency thanks to specific technical features and high construction quality owing to the use of precious materials such as steel and aluminium for the structure and sailing tecnical textile for the covering.

Thanks to these features, a lot of well known companies, working in food service sector, have been chosing Venezia and Gaggio sunshades, some brands are McDonald’s, Häagen-Dazs, KFC, Flunch, Fratelli La Bufala, Pizza dell’arte and many more.